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Make transferring meat from pan or oven to carving board or serving platter much easier! Fox Run's set of 2 fork lifters are constructed of chrome-plated stainless steel, each featuring 4 widespread prongs with sharp tips that will grip and grab your chicken, turkey, ham, or roast with confidence. These large forks are sturdy enough to support heavy lifting and lock in for stable, even balance. No slipping or spilling! Essential for large birds on Thanksgiving or other holiday dinners, as well as for smaller birds prepared for a family meal. Get a grip, and don't let your bird fall apart again.


  • Turkey lifter with handle
  • Large forklike instrument lifts poultry or a roast easily
  • Slide them under the item and lift onto a serving dish or cutting board
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Constructed of chrome-plated wires with stainless steel handles
  • Set of 2 fork lifters, use to lift and move heavy poultry and roasts
  • 4 widespread prongs with sharp tips, lock in for stable, even balance
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