About Us

Your Local Specialty Food Store

Gilbert Whitney & Co. became a new version of the quaint mercantile store that existed long ago in 1833.


About Us

In 1833 there existed a small shop by the name of Gilbert & Whitney, located right on the corner of Liberty and Lexington on the Independence Square.

When we bought the building, Ken and I felt like it deserved to go back to its origin.

In the beginning of our adventure with Gilbert Whitney, half of the store featured specialty groceries with the other half dedicated to kitchenware. The store is still includes both, but has grown toward including more fresh foods that better relate to current lifestyles rather than just specialty food given as gifts – or gifted to ourselves when we need pampering.

Imported and domestic cheeses, fresh salads, and cold beverages make it possible for a person to grab a quick snack or a healthy option for lunch. Our customers needed items that they could easily bring home in order to cook a meal without having to make the commitment of walking into a big grocery store. We later added a frozen section, dairy, dry goods, and meat to our grocery side. You can still find great coffee, teas, and jams in the store from local venders, and so much more. As we all try to embrace a healthier lifestyle we will continue to grow with products that accommodate that goal

Our kitchenware side still contains all the fun gadgets a kitchen needs, but we added an area where cooking demos can take place in the store. We look forward to the classes becoming a habit for locals who are looking to hone their skills and have an evening of fun. Sometimes you just have to stop time and pause the crazy lives we all lead to enjoy each other!

We will continue to increase the items we carry that can be brought home and prepared for dinner, from wine and spirits to local L & C Meats. Stay tuned! The Square gets better and better all the time. It’s a corner of the world that we, and our community, are proud to live in!

- Cindy McClain