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Saunderton Salt Shaker


Cole & Mason - Saunderton Herb Spice & Sprinkles Storage Shaker Unfilled 20cm

Store up to five spices, herbs or ground foods in this revolutionary herb dispenser.

Whether you're cooking with basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary or thyme, this handy shaker will become your side kick for all of your meals from now on.

A beautifully designed kitchen accessory that combines modern aesthetic, classic materials and innovative features for a timeless feel. The perfect balance of beauty and function. Finished with a stainless steel lid that off sets the acrylic body that displays your favourite ingredients.

Designed and engineered in England and developed by real foodies to make the kitchen a better place.

To use the product, simply select one of the 5 labelled chambers, turn to pour or sprinkle and dispense straight into your cooking.

A great solution to disorganised spice cupboards; each Saunderton dispenser can hold 5 standard sized spice jars worth of herb or spice and each dispenser takes up much less flat cupboard space.

The Saundertons are ideal for all herbs and ground spices plus a wide variety of other dry powders and sundries; from cake sprinkles to ground coffee to salts and sugars.

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