Vendor: DKB [Zyliss, Cole & Mason, Swissmar, AdHoc, Ken Hom]

Zyliss Apple Divider - Cutter, Corer and Slicer, Green

DescriptionThe Zyliss Apple Divider effortlessly cores and divides apples into eight uniform slices. Simply press down on apple with the ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and Voila! - eight perfect slices. It's great for creating healthy snacks and preparing apples for pies and other desserts. By Zyliss. * Stainless steel apple cutter divides and cores apples into 8 uniform slices * Ultra-sharp blades glide through small, medium and large apples * Durable thick riveted blades will never bend or break * Ergonomic BPA Free handles for comfortable grip and easy push * 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee, Dishwasher Safe
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