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Vizcaya Light Rum



Must be 21 and older

The makers of vizcaya vxop cask 21 rum–the ultimate sipping rum–are proud to announce a new addition to the vizcaya family of fine rums. Vizcaya cristal is a premium quality white rum with a satin-smooth finish making it a versatile spirit to add to your bar. Sip vizcaya cristal on the rocks or neat to savor its nuances of vanilla sherry and walnuts. We like to think of this as the world’s finest white sipping rum and just like the vxop it pairs perfectly with your favorite cigar. Just because this rum can be enjoyed for its own merits however doesn’t mean that it’s not ideal for making a wide array of rum-based drinks. A mixologist’s dream vizcaya cristal lends sophisticated undertones to any cocktail elevating even the most pedestrian of mixers to create a uniquely satisfying drink. Made with the same dedication to detail as the award-winning vizcaya vxop cask 21 vizcaya cristal is distilled from the juice of freshly pressed sugar cane using time-honored methods.

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