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Talisman Pastry Wheels Decorator/Cutter Set


Set Includes Pastry Decorator and Cutter! Pastry Decorator Makes Beautiful Pie Crusts •Create a professional-looking braided, laurel pattern easily

•Roll wheel around the edge of your pie crust •This is so much prettier and easier than pinching around the edge •Hint: Make sure the edge of your pie crust is nice and thick. You can use the Decorator with a single or double crust.

•Comes apart for easy cleaning

•FDA approved silicone and plastic; dishwasher safe

•Pastry Cutter Evenly Cuts Pastry Strips FAST

•The innovative two-wheel design cuts 3/4" wide lattice strips evenly every time

•Simply roll the Pastry Wheel Cutter across the dough to cut scalloped strips

•Can also be used to cut pasta dough or fondant

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