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Black Dahlia Lollipops


Black Dahlia’s CBD lollipops are sugar-free, all-natural and simply delicious. Infused with our specially formulated, CBD-rich hemp oil, savor for a stimulating break in the day or a relaxing night in.

Sour Apple
Flavor Notes - Tart, tangy, slightly acidic
Mood - Breezy bike ride through Amsterdam

Prickly Pear
Flavor Notes - Juicy red fruit, floral, lightly acidic
Mood - Dreamy, mellow nights in Joshua Tree

Flavor Notes - Cooling melon, subtle fruit, slightly floral
Mood - Bright lights, Tokyo dreams

Kiwi Strawberry
Flavor Notes - Juicy berries, sweet, slightly sour
Mood - Lingering sunset in Malibu

Style Prickly pear
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