Mango Cold Brew
Oliver Pluff

Mango Cold Brew

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Mango Cold Brew - a Refreshing Black Tea Blend Description: Tea. Water. Pitcher. Cold. Cold Brew by Oliver Pluff & Company- fruit-forward teas easily brewed by steeping in cold water. Ingredients: Orange pekoe black tea leaves, marigold blossoms, mango flavoring Size/Type: 3oz loose tea and large wire mesh tea brewing ball, sealed in matte black signature tin


Cold Brewing Tips For a Half-Gallon Brew: 1. Fill a pitcher with a half-gallon of cold, clean spring water. 2. Fill the tea filter with 4 tablespoons of tea. 3. Close the tea filter, then add to pitcher. 4. Steep the tea overnight in the refrigerator. 5. Remove tea filter, and serve tea over ice.

Brews 3 gallons

Ponder Good Times.