Classic Nutmeg Grinder
Classic Nutmeg Grinder
Cole & Mason

Classic Nutmeg Grinder

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The Cole & Mason Classic Nutmeg Grinder is ideal for storing and grinding whole nutmegs. High quality clear acrylic construction takes shape in the form of a sleek hourglass design. This classic nutmeg grinder operates with a simple-to-use hand crank. The grinding mechanism is comprised of a serrated stainless steel blade designed to turn whole nutmegs into a fine powder. The Cole & Mason Classic Nutmeg Grinder is the perfect tool to add freshly grated nutmeg to all of your dishes.

  • Charming nutmeg grinder with simple-to-use hand crank
  • High-quality clear acrylic construction in a sleek hourglass shape
  • Grinding mechanism includes serrated stainless-steel blade
  • Turns whole nutmeg seeds into a fine powder