Kids Art Contest


104 N LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, MO 64050 . / 816.836.0567

Kids Contest Rules & Regulations

Deadline for art entries is October 30, 2020. Winners will be announced November 4th.

All contestants will be judged on their original style and artistic value. The theme is "Winter Wonderland" drawing contest. Draw or paint what you feel represents your original style and artistic value.  Once the Art is submitted and voted on, the art will be available for pick up at Gilbert Whitney & Co., 104 N Liberty, Independence, MO up until December 15th.

Drawings must be original and authentic. In your email explain to us in a few words what you're drawing represents. Don’t forget to include name, age, and title of the drawing. AND, if your child includes their first name only in the art work - - SO CUTE! Parents, please also make sure you sign the drawing with your original signature.

Include your child's drawing and the following application with all of the necessary contact information.  All drawings without a signature, age, and contact information will be automatically disqualified. So it’s extremely important you don’t forget to sign your drawing and add the necessary requirements!

Any copied or traced drawing, paintings, etc. will be disqualified. We also do not accept computerized drawings. Original hand drawings and paintings only.


104 N LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, MO 64050 . / 816.836.0567

* One winner in each of the following age groups  4-6 yrs old   /   7-8 yrs old  /  9-10 yrs old

* Deadline for Turning Art Work in: October 30, 2020

* Winner Announced on Social Media: November 4th.

(Winners will be notified when the cans of Cocoa have been delivered to the Store: approx. by Dec. 1, 2020)

Name of Artist: First only _______________

Parent Name: First_______________________  Last _______________________

Address _____________________________  City __________________  Zip Code __________

Email:____________________________  Phone / Cell  ____________________

I give my permission for ___________ to have their art work produced on a can of Hot Cocoa for resale at Gilbert Whitney and Co.  All rights to the art are for Gilbert Whitney and Co to use solely on the can of Hot Cocoa. I understand the art will not be used for any other purpose.

Signature _________________________   

Printed Signature____________________Relationship to the child_________________________

Thank you for sharing your child's talents with us! We will treasure It, and It will bring smiles to so many in a time when we can use all the smiles we can get!!!

Sincerely, Thank you.

Gilbert Whitney & Co

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